What is a PDS pre-sale ticket?
It’s a ticket that allows you to buy the official Port du Soleil NFT launching in May 2022, before everyobody else.

How do I use my PDS pre-sale ticket?
When the official sale period begins in May, you will be able to connect your wallet to our site and trade the Pre-sale ticket to the official PDS NFT.
(Our site will authenticate that your wallet contains the pre-sale ticket which will then allow you to get the official PDS NFT)

Other notes
PDS pre-sale ticket will cost the price of the official PDS NFTs except if you buy more than 1, you can receive discounted price per PDS NFT.

When you trade your ticket to the official NFT, the only cost you need to cover is the gas fees.

1 ticket: Price = 0.06 eth
3 tickets: Price = 0.0475 eth per NFT [total: 0.1425 eth]
5 tickets: Price = 0.035 eth per NFT [total: 0.175 eth]